M.B.B.S, M.S., M.Ch

Dr. Harshad Parekh

Neurosurgeon (Spine and Brain Surgeon)


Courses & Lectures attended by me:

I have attended many Courses & lectures at the various institutes & hospitals in India & in foreign countries. The details are as below:


  • Micro neurosurgery course at University Hospital under the guidance of Prof M.G. Yasargil at Zurich, Switzerland in April, 1992

  • Management of Posterior Fossa AVMs by Prof L.Symon at Preston, 1991.

  • Management of Posterior Circulation Aneurysms by Prof Charles Drake U.S.A held at New Castle, U.K. in Sept, 1991.

  • Annual Meeting of British Neurosurgeons combined with New England Neurosurgeons at London, in Sept, 1991.

  • Hunterial Ligation by Prof C. Drake from U.S.A. at London in Sept, 1991.

  • Symposium for Spinal Cord Disorders, held at Post Graduate Medical Centre at Preston in Nov, 1992.

  • Attended the Annual Meeting of British Cervical Spine Society held at Wind mere, U.K in Nov, 1992.

  • Management of Craniocervical Junction anomalies and Rheumatoid Arthritis, by Prof Arnold Minimizes , U.S.A at Wind mere , U.K. in Nov, 1992.

  • Management of Pediatric Craniopharyngiomas, Symposium held by Society of Indian Paediatric Neurosurgeon at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, India.

  • International Neuroscience updates at P.D.Hinduja hospital, Mahim, Mumbai in Dec, 1993.

  • National update in Otology, Skull Base Surgery & Neuro endoscopy at B. Nanavati Hospital Medical Research Centre, Mumbai in Dec, 1993.

  • C.M.E International Paediatric Neurosurgery Course, held at Bombay Hospital & medical Research Centre, Mumbai in March, 1994.

  • C.M.E. International Paediatric Neurosurgery course at Bombay Hospital & medical Research Centre, Mumbai in March, 1996.